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Living in White Walls: My Path in the World of Hospitals

From the moment I first stepped into medical school, hospitals have been an integral part of my life. My name is Dr Kent, and I am passionate to tell you about my long and exciting journey in this world of white walls and throbbing hearts.

My first steps into the world of medicine were filled with wonder and an ineffable sense of responsibility. The first years of internship were a challenge, but every day in the hospital counted as a unique experience. I encountered a variety of cases ranging from common colds to complex surgical procedures. Each case provided new lessons and shaped my professional thinking.

Over the years, as I progressed up the medical ladder, hospitals became not just a place of work, but a kind of home for me. I have seen birth and death, the joy of recovery and the grief of inevitable loss. Hospital corridors have witnessed human strength and fragility at the same time.

My life in hospitals has not been without its challenges. Saving a life, sometimes, requires not only medical knowledge but also emotional fortitude. I learnt not only how to diagnose illnesses but also how to support patients and their families in difficult moments. It was a challenge I took on every day.

And here I am today, standing in my office, eyes fixed on the future. Hospitals have become an integral part of my personal and professional life. This world of white walls has brought me many memories, lessons and, above all, a great respect for human life.

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